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Victory Meadows at Cotton Plant Dairy Goat Farm

SG Nature Trails Valentines Oreo 1*M

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6/14/04 - LA - EX - 90 EEVE 
07 LA 86 +EV+
D.O.B: 8/28/2001 - Reg #: N1201311
Top Ten with ADGA in 2004 with Milk #6 and Protein #2


OREO 2007 WOW!!!

SSS: CH*B Del-Mirage Excalibur

SS: *B Del-Mirage Cody

SSD: GCH Desert Horizon Wind Song 1*M

S: Del-Mirage Aristocrat

SDSS: GCH+*B Crown Point YBG Magic Merlin

SDS: CH Del-Mirage Merlin's J.R. Quest

SD: CH Del-Mirage JR Ashley

SDD: Del-Mirage Zinger

DSS: Easy-Stream Robin Hood

DS: Easy-Stream Ethan

DSSSS: GCH ++*B Price O The Field Bartholomew

DSSS: Price O The Field Mario

DSD: CH Easy-Stream Mario's Erin

D: Easy-Stream Valentine   Nature-Trails TOP brood doe, Very correct "10" udder.

DD: CH Old-Tascosa's Clemintine

Oreo is due to kid in November 2008. She is bred to *B Goldthwaite Majesty whom is in ADGA Sire Development Program. A very nice buck with an outstanding pedigree!

We are excited to see this combination and will plan to retain one doe from this breeding for sure!


 Oreo's Udder 6/7/04 - EXCELLENT MAMMARY -Rear udder height 45, Rump angle, Fore udder, Dairyness & Stature all are 37. Rear udder arch 35.


Overall, Oreo has matured very nicely. She is a very tall doe that has a look at me attitude. She has very nice width and depth & length of body, great leg placement and a very nice udder. Oreo is one of our best milkers, milking a minimum of a gallon a day.                               Oreo's dam - Easy-Stream Valentine is Nature-Trails BEST brood doe. We look forward to exceptional kids from any breeding.


Oreo is mostly Cadillac and Conquest lines. She has Price O The Field Mario, POTF Bartholomew, POTF Blondie, POTF Peppermint, POTF Sadie, POTF Duncan and POTF Serena in her extended pedigree.


Show Wins


2004 - Oreo 1st place 3 year old milker X 2 at MDGS - ADGA sanctioned shows.


International Nubian Breeders Assn. (INBA)

Merits & Awards



1. Gold Certificate for Butterfat - 140 lbs. in 304 days.

2. Gold Certificate for Protein - 126 lbs. of Protein in 304 days.

3. Silver Certificate for Milk Production Award - 3,340 lbs of milk in 304 days.

4. Excellence in Linear Appraisal Award - Final Linear Appraisal Score of 90 EEVE

5. First Place Certificate for Top Milk Production by age 25-36 Months - 3,340 Milk in 304 days.

6. First Place Certificate for Top Protein Production by age 25-36 Months -

    126 lbs. of Protein in 304 days.



ADGA Breed Leader Certificate




1. Ranking # 2 for breed leader in PROTEIN.
2. Ranking # 6 for breed leader in MILK.
age 2-11, DIM 305, lbs of milk 3360, lbs fat 140, %fat 4.2%, lbs protein 127, %protein 3.8%


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